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Long Hiatus: BitPusher2600 Is Back

Posted in Uncategorized on October 23, 2014 by bitpusher2600

Ah yes, and it’s good to be back!

For those reading that don’t know me, I once produced chiptune under the name BitPusher2600. My CDs have been on sale on since 2010, which is when I put out the only two complete releases I had that year before (more or less) getting lazy and calling it quits. My instruments of choice were a pair of Atari 2600 consoles. Being someone who has been avidly obsessed with booming bass since childhood (not to mention a love for electronic music that extends back just as far), I wanted to try something silly and ridiculous and create the world’s first “8-bit bass CD.” I half-heartedly put out a release just as a for fun experiment called Pixelize The System, and a few months later, worked on a bit more of a serious effort which I entitled Modus Operandi. By the end of 2010, I shut down my site and more or less decided to just quit trying to make music period. I have past experience as a live turntable based DJ and have always loved the decks, but to produce was really not something I had any training or experience with and in my humble opinion, Modus Operandi was a pretty solid if not kickass little album.

A couple years ago I began experimenting with a micro production suite called Nanoloop ( Software created by a man named Oliver Wittchow originally for chiptuners to make music using the Nintendo Gameboy and Gameboy Advance. When Nanoloop evolved and was moved into the likes of iOS and Android, it did just that; evolved and became quite an advanced little studio environment. With a built in sampler, synthesizer, sequencer and step sequencer at hand, plus the ability to import and fully manipulate external sound samples (like say those from the legendary TR-808, 909, and scads of others), it is really an impressive suite. I’ve played with it on and off for some time and have realized a means of doing something i’ve wanted to do since even before I was a teenager and that is take my love of instrumental bass oriented electronic music to the next level and actually create my own. The fun of creating of my original “8-bit bass CDs” was wild and surely laughable, but in their defense, they do slam if you play them in a decent car audio setup.

As it stands right now i’m back and dedicated as ever. My website as of this day has been resurrected, i’ve got a handful of new tunes near completion and will be soon releasing my first legit bass CD, with some tunes packing frequencies well below 35hz (mmm, sexy.) For those from the chiptune community who do remember me, I nod your way for just being a part of the chiptune scene and keeping it all alive and well. As for my involvement, i’m moving beyond just chiptuning with my Ataris and into full fledged electronica, however, I still have my pro-sound modded 2600’s and will be using their instrumentation here and there throughout my present projects. As far as the nerd bird side of me goes, I never understood why there was so little use of video game consoles as a component of pure electronic music when really and truly, most of the old school consoles and machines were far far more capable than people either realize or care to acknowledge. They produce sounds like nothing else, so in my case, I see no harm in utilizing them now and again.

I can’t say i’ll never rock another pure chiptune EP of some sort, but for now I want to create a genuine bass CD or two, something the likes of my most admired producers would at least acknowledge as legit, even if my new music sucks royally to everybody but me. I just want to fulfill a little ego perhaps and for one moment in time count myself not remotely as talented or competent as, but somewhere in the same planet as the likes of Techmaster PEB, DJ Magic Mike, and Neil Case (Beat Dominator/Bass Mekanik.) I want to give 12″s and 15″s everywhere a little workout and touch of pure geekdom to go with it.Also as before, my music in it’s entirety will be free for download on my site. I will continue to utilize the Amazon service Createspace to professionally manufacture my official CD releases for the absolute minimum price that Amazon charges for their costs, so I choose to NOT make one red cent off CD sales. While I design all of the artwork and so on, being that my discs are professionally pressed and sold, they come with a complete booklet, CD tray, and properly printed disc all shrink wrapped in a proper jewel case. They are mastered directly from source, and as such are lossless and provide the best possible sound quality.I will occasionally hop onto this blog to write about what i’m doing or just shoot some random thoughts on the subject of music and musicians. If you’re interested you can also follow me on Twitter which I have to admit I first thought was a waste of one’s time if not a ridiculous burden. I came to find out however that it’s a hell of a tool for simply being able to keep up with someone or something that genuinely interests you, and it’s already allowed me to communicate with musicians I happen to be fond of that I otherwise would probably never get to talk to or meet in person, so yeah, Twitter is a-ok in my book.Stay tuned to
Still pushin’ bits.