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The New Release & The New CD!

Posted in BitPusher2600 News on January 15, 2015 by bitpusher2600

I have to first nod my head and apologize to, well nobody technically, for my laziness. I haven’t taken the time to update my rinky dink blog since I rebooted my website, and so without further adieu: a status update.

My new album was completed in November, and by golly it’s already had more downloads than I would’ve possibly guessed. I didn’t think anyone really knew who I was. Apparently they’re not Twitter users because i’ve seen no new adds there, but what of it. Thank you so much, whoever you are, and I hope you’re digging it.

Yes sir, the new album is entitled “G33kMuz1k & The Love Of The Bass CD.” This release is explained in better detail on my site, but suffice it to say, it has been a bit of a pipe dream for me since I was rather young. I have always enjoyed tuner music, electronic bass tapes and CDs. I wasn’t anywhere near old enough to even think about driving cars when I picked up on this music, which is stuff that I think a majority of people were buying just to test how much of a beating their systems could take. I personally have never known anybody who listens to bass CDs for the enjoyment of the electronic music therein, as well as the boom. I hear wicked low bass as an instrument, it’s as crucial and central to electronic bass music as is the electric guitar to heavy metal. Having listened to that stuff for so long, there’s several producers and DJs from that world that I grew up loving and admiring. There are just tons of CDs I own, some I had on cassette, that I know second for second, and so to create my own, to even pretend for just a moment I’m among the ranks of these folks and could produce something that could genuinely shake up someone’s system, it excites the hell out of me.

I did what I could do. I don’t have a studio full of high end equipment, and I never considered myself talented and amazing. I’m just doing something I love with what I have. In this, enter Nanoloop, the most important piece of software in my arsenal. Visit and check out my man Oliver Wittchow, who developed the software for iOS and Android. I am using it on iOS via iPad (sorry, no iPhones here because i’m an obsessive Windows Phone man.) Nanoloop was originally designed (and is legendary) for GameBoy chiptuning. Look how wildly far it has advanced since then. Anyway, between Nanoloop, Audacity, and a few other pieces of software, I have the synths, drum machines, and assorted tools I need to put something together, fully digital and clean and something much more involved than simply producing console only chiptunes. With an obsession and passion for big speakers and chest rattling boom since childhood combined with my infinite love of electronic music, I hereby give you my first genuine Bass CD, and man it feels awesome to be able to say I made one. What might be terribly unimpressive to anyone else is awesome to me, and 100% purely authentic from my own hand, second by second. Love it. And by the way, as always it’s free! I used some respectable quality settings for my MP3 and OGG Vorbis encoding, so enjoy.

As for the CD release, Amazon has taken their time to say the least. As it turns out, there was some error on their end and my audio sat on their servers for almost two months. A phone call later, it was reset and being handled. Just like the other two CDs I’ve done, the audio here is straight from my digital masters, completely lossless and pure. Any genuine basshead can tell you that lossy codecs (even one’s with such magnificent quality as Ogg Vorbis) tend to throw away certain elements of a song, generally fidelity is damaged and some frequencies are removed, so while the downloads of my new album i’ve put up on my homesite have plenty of boom, the lowest frequencies can only be played back from the actual CD. The latter half of my bass test track for example dips below 25hz, and those who like abusing their subs a little bit would be able to fully enjoy that kind of thing with the actual CD release, so if you feel like blowing a few bucks to see if something can blow the subs you might’ve paid big bucks for, go get it 🙂
The disc should be available within 2 weeks of this post, keep an eye on the SHOP page at if that at all interests you, otherwise, enjoy the downloads!

I would like to occasionally hop onto my blog and just share some opinions on thoughts about music in general, not just ME, so whether or not anyone reads it is not the point. I should do it because I want to and it’s within my means. So note to self, write something once in a while.

Anyway, thanks for your time whoever you are and thanks for helping me push bits!