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Some new Gameboy Tunes, Even If It’s Crapola.

Posted in BitPusher2600 News on April 26, 2015 by bitpusher2600

As long as it takes me to craft a tune, I’m still at it. You know, when it comes to making Gameboy tunes with LSDJ, I feel like someone who wants so badly to be a singer but just has a terrible voice and can’t carry a tune, or like someone who wants to be a programmer but just really can’t grasp writing basic code. Yep, that definitely feels like me and trackers. It blows me away that I see guys like Trey Frey ( who can craft and play sets with four frackin’ Gameboys with LSDJ while it pains me to get a sub-par, mediocre tune out of one. While I enjoy listening to that, I honestly do prefer the 1xLSDJ sound, so it should be easy enough to make myself happy right? Man, forgive me, it’s both a whine and shine moment. I’ve been struggling for a good bit now with manipulating LSDJ, but at the same time, such struggle even if my tunes are poor leaves me feeling awesome at the end when it’s done simply because I did it. I just feel ridiculous when I know that there are people who can hammer out LSDJ tunes in a matter of hours whereas I can take weeks or more trying to get something that even sounds like a basic song. All the frustration yet I’m attracted to LSDJ like a moth to flame. Maybe if a year or two go by I might become as proficient.

OK, enough with that. I want to share and ramble about a few sort of new tunes I’ve done.

“Nobody Listens To Techno”
This of all i’ve accomplished so far is wicked in my opinion, and I swear I have no idea whatsoever how it came out as it did. I went back and looked at my sav file numerous times and was like, holy shit, how did I come up with this, or how did I come up with that? I made great use of the stereo channels too. It’s an energetic tune and perhaps one i’m actually sort of proud of. I even considered sending it to DJ CUTMAN. Really not bad for 1xLSDJ.

“One Car GARAGE (For BitPusher’s Jeep)”
This tune was my attempt to craft a 1xLSDJ UK Speed Garage beat. When I was first introduced in person to mixing records live, it was by a friend who has sadly departed us named Jon Fox. I was very very into Drum ‘n Bass at that time, and he introduced me to Speed Garage, which is downright wicked music. He hooked me up with my first set of turntables, and I wish we hadn’t lost touch back when because I think he would’ve been proud for a moment that I ended up getting to do live sets myself. Anyway, Speed Garage became a favorite of my many, and it’s still a part of my personal music library to this day, so of course I think of him everytime I crank some. Anyway, onto the tune. I did alot of work on this one out in my Jeep while at break on my job, hence the “one car” part of the title. I made this to crank in my own vehicle, so the title is a lame attempt at humor. Anyway, I did the best of what i’m presently capable of with what I have.

“Sexy MF’n Binary”
( had the basic tune for this in my head for quite awhile before trying to make it. I wanted the sound to have a filthy low end groove and an outright I don’t care kind of raw pace. I actually started conceiving this back when I was working on my G33kMuz1k bass album but ended up just not doing it. It sounds like shit if listened to thru a phone or computer speaker, it really needs and relies on a stereo with a subwoofer. I used the NES BASS patch in LSDJ and I was surprised how low the low end really could get from that little Gameboy. It’s of course got that 8-bit grittyness, but I love that sound. Anyway, this tune bumps if it’s heard correctly, otherwise it’s just noisy. I didn’t even have a title in mind until I’d listened to it a few times in my Jeep after it was finished and with such a raw, filthy little groove (which is honestly how I describe it and hear it), I just kind of randomly decided it’s some sexy mutha-fuckin’ binary!

So there it is for now. I am not picking up on how to really truly utilize tables in LSDJ, there are so many tricks and techniques i’ve yet to figure out, but I suppose i’ll get there eventually. I’m at least able to do enough with them to get the sounds i’ve done thus far. It has been suggested to me that I could get some other people’s LSDJ sav’s and take them apart and work with things from that to compose a tune. I ultimately refuse to do that because while I don’t mind referencing the LSDJ patchbook for a particular sound, I don’t want to use even one bar from someone else’s tune. I have to know that I got there on my own.
Speaking of which, I haven’t been totally sure if I was going to do a full out CD release or not up until now. I’ve gone back and forth with the idea of doing a Gameboy release or just toying with LSDJ and throwing that crap onto my website only. I’ve gotten this far, I want to believe i’m improving a little, and what the hell? I’m going to sink my few bucks into it and do a CD release afterall. I still have quite a way to go as long as it takes me to turn out a tune on the ol’ Gameboy, but the album “10 Shades Of Gray Handheld” is just going to happen. Yeah, the title is meant to spoof that downright ridiculous book series and movie (honestly, while I don’t mean to outright dog anybody as a human being, I really have zero use for anyone who takes 50 shades seriously.) Theoretically, if the notion is pleasure thru pain, that’s ultimately how I see my LSDJ work.

Before I finally shut my mouth (so to speak), I want to toss up a couple of links. In the realm of awesome & chiptune, check out DJ CUTMAN right here on YOUTUBE. This young dude is a proper DJ and thoroughly understands chiptune, so trust me, his mixes tend to be sick.
Also, check out THIS VIDEO of his buddy Trey Frey performing a set with a mixer and four…. yeah FOUR mother frackin’ Gameboys running LSDJ. Seriously unbelievable. To possess that level of control and composition with LSDJ is just other worldly. I honestly have to wonder if Johan Kotlinski (the creator of LSDJ) every imagined someone would take his tracker, multiply it by four and do something like this. Geez.

OK. Just had an honest LOL moment because I write as if someone were reading this stuff. Anyway, till later.