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BitPusher’s Opinion: The Nintendo Wii U

Posted in Uncategorized on July 27, 2015 by bitpusher2600

OK, so maybe this is another mini-ramble about something that has nothing to do with my music or etc (maybe I should start a non BitPusher related blog haha), but I just feel like writing about the Nintendo Wii U.

It seems like everyone basically shits on the Wii U. It isn’t selling super well because it doesn’t have the titles people are looking for, or the hardware isn’t spec’d like it’s competitors. These two things alone are killing it, and honestly, the only word I can think of to describe this whole thing is “shame.” It is a genuine shame because I simply do not see the Wii U as a failure of an experience at all. I used to have an original Wii, but I never owned one until it had been out for ages already. I loved Nintendo prior to that thing. The whole wireless controller thing and thought of swinging shit around to play a game turned me off to that almost immediately. By this time too, I had already owned a 360 and still kicked around my Gamecube. Having also been an original Xbox owner in it’s heyday, I already had some history there anyways.

So, I had a friend I worked with who was just going to sell his Wii to Gamestop, knowing it was old and that he wasn’t going to get squat for it anyway. We had been discussing video games one night and I had mentioned I never played the Wii, I didn’t give it a chance. He ended up giving it to me totally free, the complete set with chargeable battery packs, etc. I then (being a total fan of the Metroid franchise) got ahold of that and gave it a try. I ended up valuing my Wii quite a bit. Bought a special HDMI adapter for it from and started acquiring titles. I discovered it is simply a different gaming experience, but there are a lot of good games out there after all.

Another mass majority opinion is that these consoles are for five year olds. They can be, but they don’t have to be. I see it the same as these “kid friendly” tablets you can buy in stores, it can be set up to be child minded with safeguards and etc, or unlocked and used for adults. I’m telling you, it must be part of the human condition to so easily judge things before we have any direct, personal experience about them, including other people sure, but in this case, tech. The next best thing one can do to get the idea of what is going on in other people’s heads is to read what they say in bulk, and go with a law of averages right? So anyway, no, it’s just as useful and controllable for an adult as is any other system.

The next big thing: specs. It must be my age, the fact that I grew up from the beginning of the home computer revolution where the very first home computer in majority anyway was the Apple 2. I’ve been alive to see these things evolve to the point where we have smartphones and shit now, and I mean it is so incredible it can’t be described, just how far tech has come since I was a kiddo. I see people slam the Wii U, even slam the new Xbox One because it just doesn’t run steady at 60fps. Seriously? That’s the biggest bitch? People more often than not want more power than they can utilize and they don’t even know it. Octo-core, deca-core processors in their smartphones for example. Do any of these people who get vicious about that even believe for a second they are at any point fully utilizing that kind of hardware? They don’t know better but they think they do. I suppose the only way they would be satisfied and actually using that shit is if they ran a 4k modded Skyrim on their phones 24/7. Now back to reality, there’s spec pushing, and then there’s user experience. The Wii U runs at 1080p in and of itself, I think it’s pretty enough. I also don’t believe that just because a specific title’s resolution might be even slightly sub-1080p doesn’t automatically make it trash. I don’t remember what title now, but I remember reading scads upon scads of vicious comments from people on a tech site who were comparing whatever game on the Xbox One and the PS4, and apparently the PS4 was rendering this title purely in 1080p at 60fps, whereas the Xbox One was 900-something-P and in the low 50’s on it’s fps. Because of this, the Xbox One is apparently total trash. Wild, burn the damn church down egregious assault on human perfection inferior. Gimme a break. This is one subject (admittedly among many) where I just find no use in the general human race. Either i’m right and people are way too excessive/obsessive over specs, or i’m an idiot in a bubble and just “don’t get it.” I consider myself a lifelong gamer, but maybe i’m not? Whatever. The Wii U doesn’t have the hardware specs of an Xbox One or PS4, but I say it’s not exactly a slouch. It’s not as if shit is all laggy like i’m playing modern titles on a machine built 20 years ago. In short; hands on performance is excellent. There are things here and there that are almost cutesy that make me smile when I see them, like the Mii’s. Maybe that’s just my soft side that can appreciate that kind of stuff. I keep forgetting it’s NOT ok to have a soft side in the modern day, you have to always be the most intelligent and most hardest creature at all times, and smiling at something that is undeniably cute in some fashion makes you some sort of loser. Mii’s don’t seem to be actually relevant to anything i’ve played or done so far on the Wii U, but sometimes the sight of them running around gives me a millisecond of a smile. That must be my soft side. Yeah I have one. Far and few between but do exist are that moment in a certain movie or even game where my heart will melt for a second, or I could even shed a tear. I keep forgetting that it’s just not OK anymore for a male to find something cute, or have heartfelt emotions towards anything for that matter, but I guess I do. And if that makes me a loser, a pussy, etc. , by all means, come find out. The short: it’s OK to crack a brief smile about something cute, and the Mii’s are funny.

Speaking of fun and user experience, another pain point that seems common is titles. No Borderlands, No Fallout, not even Minecraft. So the only thing left for the Wii U is cornball sports titles like Mario Tennis or some shit, right? Again, I say no. What I do say is any actual gamer, as in anyone who likes to spend some hours once in a while or often buried into a video game world, should see the Wii U as a secondary console. It’s true, it does not have the titles and franchises that are extremely popular today, and that much is unfortunate, but it’s not exactly lacking in awesome either. Nintendo made it backwards compatible with the original Wii titles, so that already it gives it access to a mountain of titles. Next, it has it’s built in game store, which is full of titles from the original NES, the SNES, the N64, Gameboy Advance, even Sega Genesis and other consoles. Just these facts alone make it worth it’s weight because this thing can be a hell of an entertainment hub and we haven’t included the notion of Wii U titles themselves. I spent $20 to download the full Metroid Prime trilogy title. All three Prime games rolled into one. Any idea how many hours of genuinely badass gameplay that really is? I loved Metroid, including the Prime series that began on the Gamecube. Between all the Wii titles, “retro” titles, and some new stuff like Smash Brothers and Zombie U, I don’t find that the Wii U is something you tinker with and then you’re done. There is a hell of a lot of gameplay to be had, and not time passing little stuff like when you’d whip out your phone and play Angry Birds for a short bit, but honest to goodness gameplay. There are however “those” cornball time killers out there too, more available on the Wii U I believe than other consoles that I just can’t stand. Simple little puzzle games and logic problem games full off over cutesy stuff etc. That seems to be what people think is more or less the extent of the Wii U and i’m here saying I love the Wii U and HATE pointless games, those which do not have a story you can really get into, or characters you can love for any reason. Again, having so many choices for gameplay, I don’t feel i’m exactly lacking but yes the Wii U is definitely a secondary console for a gamer. To say a secondary console is unnecessary is a big loss. It really is. There is a lot of enjoyment to be had, I don’t know how else to say it.

There, I feel like I said something. To who? I don’t know, just throwing an opinion out there. People who are actual bloggers do this all the time and are far more articulate and entertaining without a doubt, but honestly, if someone reads this who has ever wondered about or simply shit on the Wii U without a pause, I would hope that you’ve paid attention here and would at least consider the little dude. I wouldn’t toss aside my Xbox to make this my sole console (haha), but if I only had this I wouldn’t be miserable.

I bought it purely in spite of the negativity of people towards it. It is the legend from childhood NINTENDO behind this, and  curiosity killed this cat. I’m glad I did it.. I love my little Wii U a lot, i’m very happy with it. Even if Nintendo killed it off completely right this second, it was worth every penny and as far as I can tell, will be for quite some time. I’ve got so much I can play and good stuff to boot. End rant 🙂