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December already here.

Posted in Uncategorized on December 1, 2015 by bitpusher2600

I would say it’s been an awfully long year considering some of the horrible shit that I have had to experience in 2015, but then I see it’s now actually December and all I can think is “damn.”

So then, BitPusher. I have little to write about for an update. The biggest thing I can add at the moment is what’s going on with my CDs on Amazon and a fresh re-release. The Atari 2600 based chiptunes I did in 2010 (the EP “Pixelize The System” and followup LP “Modus Operandi”) each got a formal and proper CD release on Amazon when I completed them. I designed artwork, assembled everything, and let them manufacture and distribute proper retail packages just because it was so cheap and easy, and kind of exciting personally. As of right now, I have taken those two CDs down permanently. I admit, I should’ve done it right the first time but back when I made those, I didn’t have any future plans and sure, it would be damn silly to drop $9 on a 5 song CD like Pixelize right? Instead, I have (somewhat) re-mastered and now re-released all of that music as one formal and proper CD which I am calling “The 2600 Collection.” Along with all the original material in one place (not to mention some fresh and downright badass artwork for this release), I also have a few remixes of my tunes other artists have performed on this CD coming from the likes of Yerzmyey, Nursey, and Turdlehed from Sonik Injexion. This time, that material (as far as a proper CD is concerned) is now being done right. I still have zero intention of playing the “look I wanna be commercial” game, so the CD itself is still set to a zero profit margin for me, and as always, mastered from their uncompressed source audio and done correctly. All of the music here including the remixes are still available freely on my website too, and I will keep them catalogued on my site just as they were when I released them. From the date of this post, it should be available on within a day or two. Just hit Amazon and do a standard search for BitPusher. You’ll see me right away.

That aside, I had hoped to have my new Gameboy album done before the end of the year but I don’t see that happening. Midnight shift work, procrastination, lack of tracker aptitude, and a touch of laziness are the formula of my failure there. I tend to get burned out really fast trying to work in LSDJ and accomplish a bit then just lose all motivation for a short while, rinse then repeat. Whereas my tunes would only take someone very experienced with tracking a short time to hammer out, it takes me what feels like an eternity to accomplish something small. Rest assured though, I don’t exactly “settle,” I plug away until I achieve the sounds I want to hear and sometimes find happy accidents along the way. It may take a long time for me, but my finished tunes are what I wanted them to be or mighty damn close, and in my delusional if not simple mind,  they will be bangers. This Gameboy CD will be dope as hell.

Speaking of the Gameboy, I do have a fresh tune right hereUltrabass’d. It’s a simple electro-bass tune entirely 1xLSDJ as always. I had to record one of my channels separately again and lay it in after the fact because the stereo panning was bothering my ol’ DMG a little bit. Anyway, as stated, it’s electro and my focus in this tune was to juice the lowest end possible I am aware of out of that gray brick beauty. Absolutely nothing special in a computer or smartphone speaker, but this shit sounds awesome in my vehicle. Proper bass as far as chiptune is concerned anyway. That makes 6 completed tunes in what, a year? Horrible. Still, I can’t wait until this album is done. I love the Gameboy, my tunes to me (and perhaps only me) are dope as hell, and most of all i’m proud that I have done everything in a tracker which prior, I always felt was a little too beyond me. Little Sound DJ isn’t even as massive or complex as is trackers for other systems, but there’s still a big achievement under it all from my perspective.

It’s worth mentioning by the by that Johan has recently released an update to LSDJ after some time since the last. We’re now at version 4.8.0. Head over to the LSDJ website and get it. If by the way you are someone interested in making Gameboy based chip music, search up some LSDJ tutorials on YouTube. My personal favorite (and most useful) is a small series from chiptuner Zef (sometimes known as Chris Penner.) I’ll link them here:

Just for fun, Danimal Cannon did a hell of a TED Talks explaining chip music, and wowing people with a combination of his copy of LSDJ and an electric guitar:

That is pretty much all I have right now. I will update my website with a direct link for The 2600 Collection soon. As for me, what else can I say? I had something awful that was complete bullshit go down this year that hurt me in an incomprehensible way, and I will never forgive the people involved, but I don’t want to get into that here. Apathy has always been a strong trait in me for better or worse, and I would love to express where these people stand with me now if they thought I was any kind of asshole before the fact, but instead, I will write on the opposite end of the spectrum, something good happened too. My new job. I left my previous job of 10 years to come to it and while there’s no certainty in the future, I believe that for now I made a great choice and maybe even lucked out. Everything is better all around so there it is; if I had to pick one thing that I am most grateful for in 2015, that would surely be it. Perhaps that or as always, my best friend (hell might as well say my brother) Eric. He has been there for me when I needed someone most and asks nothing in return, been that way for a good many years now. If I were drowning out in an ocean, he’s the one dude that would risk breaking his own neck to pull me out instead of just “feeling bad” then moving on like other people would. Never understood why we were always tight, we’re very different people, but that’s just how it is. He’s on an extremely short list of people for which I would do the same.

So then, I’ll now say farewell and even wish all my fellow chippers a better new year. It’s a few weeks early for that kind of talk but I won’t be writing in this space for a while until I have something worth it, like a completed Gameboy album. As always, just throwing it out into the void, thank you sincerely to those random numbers that pop up from time to time of people who have downloaded my tunes, hope ya  dig ’em. Much love to the entire chip music community. See ya.