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LSDJ Kits Collection / Patch It!

Posted in Uncategorized on March 18, 2016 by bitpusher2600

Hello all.

Just wanted to take a second and throw something out there. Recently, I ordered my 2nd EMS cartridge from Nonfinite, I was just wanting a fresh one. My man ended up packing it with kits, and it’s awesome but something I was not too familiar with. Long story short, this got me very curious about how this was done and I learned about kits and how to patch LSDJ.

After that, I began digging around the net amassing a huge library of kits. I have sorted thru all of them and found myself removing just a few of the stock kits to make room for new ones. I successfully maxed out the rom capacity to it’s limit and then zipped up my final selection and put it on my website. Want it? It’s right here:

It’s nice being able to customize my LSDJ and have one badass cartridge on my hands now.

How to use this? I would assume if you’re reading this you would have some idea but if not, all you need is your LSDJ rom, Johan’s rom patcher, then load up your rom, select a slot, pick one of these kits, and load away. It’s surprisingly straight forward, I wish I had looked into this much sooner because you can really add some distinct sounds to your Gameboy, or whatever you’re using. As for myself, I have not up to this point used the kits in the wav channel all that much but with this stuff here, I have a whole slew of new sounds I can get out of my Gameboy. Maybe that approach isn’t quite as cool as some ridiculously complex “how the hell did someone conceive that” table, but buddy if I like it, i’m going to use it.

Anyway, the link is there. Hope someone enjoys these. Being from so many places, I am sincerely grateful to those who took the time to craft these kits and then shared them for free with one and all. That contributing and collective attitude is without doubt one of the finest and most standout aspects of the majority within the chiptune community.

Still going to be awhile before my formal Gameboy release is finished, but I’m slowly and surely getting there and what a CD it will be 🙂

Till later!