New Chiptune Time :)

It’s one of those times that make any wannabe musician smile: new tunes! These have come from what I like to think of as an enhanced approach too, because since I figured out how to patch LSDJ and use other kits, the wav channel has become even more enjoyable. Without further adieu:

“Cyka Blyat”
This bangin’ little techno ditty was made using a dubstep kit. This one absolutely requires either good headphones, a stereo, or a sub in the back of vehicle to hear as it was meant to be. Why? The bass and the way it rolls make up the key rhythm of the tune. I tried to do more with the pulse channel than what you hear here, (here here!), but I didn’t like the way anything else came out, so this take is the one I liked best.

“Pixelated B-Boy”
This a slick little hiphop joint. Naturally, you can’t have crankable hiphop without some loud boom right? I wanted to try to squeeze as much face-punching bass as is possible from the DMG for this tune, and I think I have made the hardest hitting boom tune the Gameboy can produce at once. This was done by solely dedicating the wav channel entirely to the kickdrum only, and the punch in this tune is the result of two different kits being combined and used at the same time. I love the way it sounds. When I finished my adjustments in post-production, I ran right outside to my Jeep and cranked my Fosgates. I couldn’t help but smile and then immediately laugh with a sense of delight at the fact that my little gray Gameboy, this little 8-bit machine, was pounding my system. While it is possible to get some good boom out of the Gameboy with low-end mods like what you hear in my tune “Sexy MF’n Binary” and “Ultrabass’d”, I wish there were many more methods and tones that punch like this. I bet at some point i’ll be using this same method again for something else 🙂

Both of these were works in progress that I would occasionally tinker with back and forth, and I finished them both in the same day. That’s more motivation at one sitting than I’ve ever had because laziness and procrastination are two things i’m good at, at least as far as making music is concerned anyway. I just want to devise and create a couple more tunes, and i’ll be ready to execute the final polishing, create the artwork, and get a formal CD release together. It’s almost here and i’m excited. The only person on the planet who would give a shit sure, but what else really matters. An actual CD release of slammin’ Gameboy tunes? I don’t know if I should say it’s unique, but it definitely isn’t incredibly commonplace.

Till later.


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