New Toy, New CD Soon…Good Times.

Thank you for coming friends. We are gathered here today to say farewell to BitPusher’s Behringer UCA222 USB sound interface, and bid welcome to his new Behringer Xenyx x1622 recording and mixing console. May this tremendous recording hardware upgrade bring him great happiness as those blissful 8-bit beats, blips, and bloops pulse thru this gorgeous machine and then into the ears of the five or six suckers who would actually listen to BitPusher’s chiptune. Yes, yes friends, verily I say, let thy speakers further be pixelized. Praise “Bob”.qxenyx

Now that that’s out of the way, she really is gorgeous. I think this board is a tad bigger than I pictured it after looking at it online, but that’s perfect. I love this console. It’s my first mixer/interface this big, and i’ve already ran my Gameboy thru it and played with the levels and effects, super satisfied. I in fact plan on eventually re-recording all of my LSDJ tunes thru this console before I finalize my upcoming CD; Shades Of Gray Handheld. I’m also waiting…there may be a surprise or two on that album as well. That aside, I have little else to add except that this board is fantastic and easy to use. Being a brand man, I also purchased a pair of Behringer Studio headphones as well. The cans are large and they seem to produce an accurate playback of what is coming from my Gameboy. As I adjust assorted levels and listen to them after recording, they sound nearly as they did thru the headphones coming out of my stereo.  I feel comfortable with this arrangement, because now I know that how I control my assorted lows, mids and highs will end up being pretty much exactly as I hear them. Takes alot of tinkering around in Audacity out of the equation. Convenient 🙂

I’ve only just started playing with it so I haven’t produced anything with it yet. Something older: the final tune for my Gameboy CD:


This was the last song I wrapped up before placing the order for my mixer. It is a simple, banging little techno tune full of energy and a touch of my particular style. People floating about the web are often happy to proclaim that “four on the floor” is a style that over done, burnt out, etc etc. I frankly don’t give a shit. I like it, so I did it. This is not the origin of the title though even though given the equation, it fits nicely. I simply called it that to describe myself in a word. This is difficult to explain in any detail but the fact is, when it comes to people, when it comes to circumstances, when it comes to anything really; if I do not directly choose to recognize it, include it, or associate something with my life or within my emotions or thoughts, then apathetic is absolutely the word  to describe the standing for everything else. I am not phased by someone’s story, someone’s circumstances, etc if they are of no honest consequence to me. Guess by all definitions i’m an asshole, or an introvert, or all of the above. But anyway, I completed a tune that is me honestly being me, and because of that I wanted the title to be equally as personal. So indeed, it goes further than just the fact that I care nothing about negative opinions of four on the floor techno.

OK, now that the soapbox which I can’t correctly articulate is over, I do know there are some people out there who like my music, I can see it in my website traffic stats, I think that’s really cool. Still surprises me sometimes, and this because my confidence in my music when I compare myself to other far more talented and skilled chiptuners is essentially zilch. I have some hope these peeps enjoy this CD, alot of work has went into it. And because of this recent “upgrade” to my chip music setup, it is going to sound nearly as awesome as it deserves. For whomever it applies; stay tuned folks. And I thank you.

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