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Shades Of Gray Handheld!

Posted in Uncategorized on June 30, 2016 by bitpusher2600

After a little over a year in the making (more or less), it’s finally done, and out there!

Just today, I re-arranged my shitty website to put this in with the rest of my discography. Seriously, my web host sucks. I have such simple pages yet random images don’t show up until you refresh the page, which sometimes causes other ones to disappear. It’s absurd.

Anyway, I’m so proud of this release. Since acquiring my mixing console, I have gone thru and re-recorded every song for this album in an attempt to produce the best sound quality I am capable of. The song order has been finalized, and the uncompressed audio and all CD artwork have been uploaded to Amazon. I simply await their approval process, them to manufacture and ship my proofing copy to make sure all is well, and the CD will be out in the world. As for everyone else who doesn’t give a shit about either pure audio or having a physical retail product in your hands, I have provided my entire album free for download from my website. As always, it is offered in either 256kbps VBR MP3s, or in q8 Ogg Vorbis using genuine and original libvorbis libraries.

You can expect my usual approach; a small multitude of beats that resemble many subgenres of electronic music instead of the typical chiptune that sounds like a perfect backdrop to some video game title. There are even some amped up, bass heavy tracks for fellow car audio junkies and bassheads as well on this album.

I just hope someone somewhere who likes chip music enjoys something from this album. It was hard work for me and generally a “pleasure thru pain” experience, hence the album title. I have never considered myself a talented musician, or someone who is outstanding or impressive. I just do this shit because I love it, probably just like people in this world who passionately love singing but have an awful voice for it, they do it anyway. I am nothing but proud of what I’ve accomplished here. Hope you have a badass stereo. Go ahead, crank it!