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EMS64 And Mac? No Problem Now.

Posted in Uncategorized on September 17, 2016 by bitpusher2600

Hey guys. Just felt the need to share something completely awesome. A fellow at has shared a tool he wrote that allows you to read and write both your roms and sav files on the Mac with absolute ease, no configuration needed! It’s called EMS-Qart. He has made it for Windows and Linux as well although I’m not using either of those OSes so I haven’t tested it there. That aside, here it is:

The original thread on CmO is here:

In my experiment, I tried flashing my kitted out LSDJ to one bank, and a game to the other, and everything just worked without a hitch on El Capitan. I can’t believe it. When I get a chance to, I will keep a copy of this on my own web server as well just in case and link it on my site for download.

Best of luck folks. Keep chipping!