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Reminiscing On Iron Butterfly (What?)

Posted in Uncategorized on October 7, 2016 by bitpusher2600

Occasionally I find myself in the mood to just write and ramble on one thing or another, and right now would be one of those times. No music news from me right now other than I do have some new chiptunes very slowly in the works. I’m in no rush.

Anyway, I want to talk about one of the very few bands I call a favorite. This would be Iron Butterfly. The few people who actually know me know more or less what I’m all about when it comes to music. Music is something I can talk at length about because it is so vital to my personal existence, it flows thru my head in some form or another nearly 24 hours a day. Then of course, the folks that know me and my family, who have known me my whole life, know that even since the youngest age, I have been almost all hiphop. Hey, I am proud to this day, thanks to my mom never letting me forget over the years, that I at the age of four was able to recite “Jam On It” by Newcleus word for word (and I’m sorry people, if you consider yourself a true school hiphop head but can’t recite the full 8 minutes of Jam On It, you’ve got it all wrong. Trust me.)

So all that said, I have written in the past about how bass music and electronica entered my life at a rather young age and also became a vital part of my existence. It is safe to say that in majority, I have never much liked anything else. I cannot under any circumstances tolerate country music for example, I really can’t take it. Likewise, alot of rock, metal, etc never really resonated with me…until my early teens. I can’t recall exactly, I was maybe 13 or 14, and I happened to have the complete (at the time) collection of Freddy Kreuger movies. In one of them, a kid is staring at a busted TV set while smoking a joint. In comes Freddy with all this psychedelic shit and the song In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida is playing. I thought it was awesome. That began a hell of a relationship for me.

I ended up getting ahold of that album and disliking half of it straight away. The poppy, hippy sound of the era. That song though, so different than all the rest. I also grew to like a couple others on that short album and the sounds grew on me. I shortly thereafter got both their Live album and a full greatest collection called “Light And Heavy.” I was fucking stoked the first time I heard the instrumental badassery of the Iron Butterfly Theme. Something about the off-key and unusual sounds of the stuff on the Live album (especially “In The Time Of Our Lives) really seemed to strike something special in me.

I know Iron Butterfly’s discography (with the great Doug Ingle) almost word for word. Ball is probably my favorite album of the bunch. It was likely a weird thing in anybody else’s eyes. You look at this kid’s massive (and I do mean massive) collection of music, a young teen, and you find mounds of hiphop and singles, mounds of bass tapes and bass CDs, and all this electronica, then somewhere in the middle of it all is a couple Iron Butterfly CDs. I will never know what it is, be it Doug Ingle’s awesome voice, his keyboard talents, or his unusual and intelligent lyricism, but that man and his band did something to impact me a bit and certainly added something totally different to my life. I will always love those guys. Hell I know by the time I had my first car I had it all, their albums on CD, some deluxe boxset stuff, even a VHS with music videos. I watched that many times.

I guess my whole point today is to throw a little love out to Doug Ingle and the memory of Iron Butterfly. Over the years since that era of my life, I admit my tastes still have remained semi-linear. I went thru a brief hard-punk age (complete with blue mohawk, and a spiked patch coat.) I still liked my bass music, my hiphop, and etc. That phase passed after a year or thereabouts before I got back to myself. In that time though, I picked up some bands that I love so much to this day, top of the list is Henry Rollins with both the Rollins Band and Black Flag. Also, the Misfits, Crass, and (yeah I admit it) Rancid. Finally, in the very small world of my non-hiphop and non-electronic love, I can’t forget Iron Butterfly. I would still wager than in my 100andsome gigabyte library of music that Iron Butterfly does not seem to belong, but they so much do. There are only just a few songs they did I truly do not like, but there’s a grand majority that I love and I can only appreciate Doug Ingle and company for such unique and awesome music. I think alot of music lovers discover that one thing that ends up affecting them yet does not make sense or fit their format. That happening is an awesome thing.

See ya.