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deadmau5 & That Originality Rant

Posted in Uncategorized on December 11, 2016 by bitpusher2600

I fucking loved this, can’t lie.

I love a majority of the guy’s music, rarely pay attention to his videos. I’m glad however I caught this one because it speaks to a truth you either get, or you don’t care. I pity the latter.

A massive music library, and nobody I’ve ever known (even my best friend) know hardly any of it no matter how much I could rant about it. Anyone has their opinions of what is good and not good music, but god damn is it sad that opinion in that matter can be biased or based on the majority. He mentions Justin Beiber, and that is a damn good example. You could look at that kid as a player in the game, making money. Fine, but that doesn’t change that he’s garbage. He sells millions of records, and then there’s guys like me who get excited if more than one person checks out a tune. So who’s the winner and who’s the loser? Well, if young Beiber were to ask me that with that traditional scoff on his face, I would still say yeah, you’re garbage.

What deadmau5 touches on here is something I believe in with all of my being, and that is that if you call yourself a musician, an artist, etc, you have to be creating. So called artists who serve no purpose in life but to run with and boast the fruits of everyone’s “art” and efforts in their own name are people I have no problem seeing fall of a building. This isn’t like someone designing and building and instrument, a synth, a tool of some sort and then someone else making big on it. Example, Jimmy Page is one of the few guitarists in the world I revere greatly, and he did not invent the electric guitar. He used the tool however to craft his own, beautiful and awesome work. Whole different subject matter. The point is, what was crafted is what he wrote, he created. He didn’t have someone else craft his music and then just emulate it in front of a crowd.

Compare that to Justin Beiber who has a small team of people writing his music, writing his lyrics, crafting his “art” and the dude turns around and considers himself a musician and artist solely because he can carry a tune. How in the world can any rational human look at that as legit? Now take mr. mau5 for a moment. I don’t love the guy because he’s known for cocky comments, because he lives a lavish lifestyle, because he plays in front of millions of fans. I couldn’t care less. I love the guy because he composes badass tunes; himself. Because he is a brilliant studio engineer, and because when it comes to his music he does not waiver. It’s his way or the highway. That formula goes beyond just being a fan of a CD or two, it’s a fundamental respect.

This whole argument is the very basis of my character which is what had me enthused when I decided to watch this video and got about a minute into it. I have been making my own shit for a long time, and I prefer vintage video game hardware for making beats. I will never be recognized, nobody likes my shit. I figured that out quickly, and I still do it anyway. I maintain a website, I at great leisure craft tunes that sound neat to me, and throw ’em up anyway. My passion and obsession with electronic music evolved a good deal vs coming from my youth when I was all about DJ’ing, just mixing and manipulating other people’s shit because the mixes could come out sounding dope. I still considered myself a musician of sorts and how fucking stupid I was. There is nothing like being your own creator, which is the entire point of any so called “art.” I am as proud now as I was when I started making chip beats of every single thing I did, even the shit during my learning and experimenting phases (which i’m not sure ever really ends.) Trust me, I try to keep to myself but I’m never afraid to say “yeah, I made that and it’s mine.” I sincerely hope I’m not a total blasphemy and shit stain on any small element of EDM, chiptune or etc. Ahhh yes, nothing like those damn I love myself motherfucker moments.

So cheers to those known and unknown alike who are actual artists, no matter how good or awful your work is labeled to be. There is such a profound truth and degree of integrity in originality compared to the Bieber’s of the world. Forgive me for calling you a cocksucker if you know better and just don’t care, maybe money does that to people. The label often thrown at guys like me is “hater.” Guess so, because I will not give respect where I don’t believe it is earned. I can only say that I will go to my grave never convinced that sales and fame tell the real story, because those two points are not nearly enough for me to appreciate anything. I would be a liar if I said I didn’t want to perform a Kraftwerk cover or two on my Gameboy for fun and out of pure love, but there is no way in hell I would ever allow someone to write my music for me and then call it my own no more than I would do said Kraftwerk cover(s) and claim that I wrote it. That, and I rather like giving my music away, and I’m not even sure why. I don’t want to be paid for music, ever. That is not where I belong, no matter how stupid that sounds. Truthfully, my biggest dream is having one my own albums pressed on vinyl, and sold for as dirt cheap as possible, with zero money going to me. Man that would be awesome. You know, I’m not sure if that attitude makes me a complete tool or not, but on the other hand, I’m only following that for me, all for me. I won’t write something for someone else. Fuckery.

end babble.