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BitPusher Presents: Digital Bass 2017!

Posted in BitPusher2600 News on April 15, 2017 by bitpusher2600

The ultimate digital assault on your system!

So hello everyone. I’m proud to announce my latest release, and what a wicked one it is. This is my 2nd bass CD, and countless measures improved over my 2014 project G33kmuz1k.

In all honesty, having been obsessed with electronica and particularly bass music since a very young age, I was so proud to have dropped a proper bass CD when I did that 2014 project. I felt like I was stepping into a realm of music that was personal. It was always my belief that a majority of people who bought bass CDs were only using them in brief periods of time to demonstrate or work out their system. Then there’s me not even 10 years old with tons of these cassettes and loving them for their music as a whole. When I learned my way around the software I was experimenting with, well there it was. Bass. Still, unlike working purely with 8-bit, there is a good deal more that goes into mixing and mastering than I knew anything about. I also feel that on that release, I tried a little too hard to mix 8-bit and car audio oriented bass.

But why am I talking about all of this? To share a little history because unlike 2014, I have since acquired a little studio equipment, and more importantly alot more production knowledge. The boom you will hear in a majority of my new album is pure and beautiful. Unlike the common techniques you hear so often, such as time stretching or pitch bending kick drum samples, there are no samples for low end here. My bass has been composed using digital FM synthesis, and has been tightly modulated. It is a purely digital signal, allowing for pure sound. As for the rest of the instrumentation, the audio levels are exactly where I want them, and although I am no studio engineer and don’t have professionally trained ears, I do have a passion for bass music and have put a good deal into my own system. I believe everything on this new album sounds just right, and I hope if you are reading this you will give it a download (or if you’re really into pure and lossless digital audio, buy the CD on Amazon.)

I have put sincere effort into these tracks. Some are thicker and composed, some are a little more simple, but all have a 100% attention to detail when it comes to the bass. Depending on what song and at what point you are listening, you will experience sub bass frequencies that range from 80hz all the way to 15hz. I wanted to keep it “me”, so there are a small multitude of subgenres here. There is some electro, techno, hiphop, a couple good ol’ fashioned slow and low DB drag style tracks, and even a pure tone sub bass woofer excursion test track that has zero music or other sounds, just bass sequences. Due to the way licensing and things work nowadays, I intentionally chose not to use any sort of vocal samples, which are one thing any old school bass CD had in abundance. Still, even with the sounds of modern hiphop or electronic music, there is nothing that pushes a system quite like a proper and genuine bass CD, and I would take the purity of digital FM synthesis against fake 808-ish trickery any day.

Before I go, I want to share one little secret (thus making it not a secret anymore, I know.) The title, artwork, and even the face of the disk itself are a small tribute to one of my most favorite groups (in either the bass or general music category) ever, Bass 305. I had their first album “Digital Bass” on cassette when I was a kid. I knew that tape front to back and it was and still is a favorite. As such, I did the entire layout for this CD with that particular album in mind. The mixer in the front cover here is a zoomed and carefully shot picture of my own mixer board, as the sloped slider shot on the back cover. All that aside, I am always myself. Not one sequence or one melody is reminiscent of any of 305’s music, I just don’t go for that. Still, this CD’s design is a heartfelt nod to one of my largest electronic music influences.

Wanna check me out? Download the full album in compressed format right completely free right here:

Or if you prefer uncompressed and purely lossless audio mastered directly from its digital source, you can by the CD on Amazon right here:

Enjoy! And love to my fellow bassheads and woofer junkies.