Final Post, New Spot!

TL;DR – This blog is done, new one hosted directly on my heavily remodeled website, still at

10 years & counting!



I really want a moment to give thanks to anyone that has ever checked out my music or hit me up on social media, though of course that’s been far and few between, but it’s still awesome. I’m not much of a “blogger” so I’ve not written much here, and for a majority of my last decade as BitPusher, I didn’t even create a blog.

So, back in January of 2010 is when I first published a website, setup distribution, and crafted my first retail pressed and sold CD. In this last 10 years, I was with Yahoo’s webhosting services. I’ve paid the monthly upkeep strictly out of my own pockets, and I’m just a warehouse worker so I’m not exactly a well-to-do fellow. It wasn’t terribly expensive, but they’ve underwent many changes during this time and I’ve finally decided to pursue a cheaper option, so I transferred away my domain to a new host and used their tools to craft a new site. One thing nifty is a built-in blog, so I’ll be using that from now on, hence this is the final post. I’ll eventually close this blog down, but for now I’ll let it stand. It’s not impossible I may need it again someday, but again, if you wish to keep up with me, there’s no longer any need to come here, just hit the blog page on

Thank you for hanging out with me. See ya.


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