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BitPusher Presents: Digital Bass 2017!

Posted in BitPusher2600 News on April 15, 2017 by bitpusher2600

The ultimate digital assault on your system!

So hello everyone. I’m proud to announce my latest release, and what a wicked one it is. This is my 2nd bass CD, and countless measures improved over my 2014 project G33kmuz1k.

In all honesty, having been obsessed with electronica and particularly bass music since a very young age, I was so proud to have dropped a proper bass CD when I did that 2014 project. I felt like I was stepping into a realm of music that was personal. It was always my belief that a majority of people who bought bass CDs were only using them in brief periods of time to demonstrate or work out their system. Then there’s me not even 10 years old with tons of these cassettes and loving them for their music as a whole. When I learned my way around the software I was experimenting with, well there it was. Bass. Still, unlike working purely with 8-bit, there is a good deal more that goes into mixing and mastering than I knew anything about. I also feel that on that release, I tried a little too hard to mix 8-bit and car audio oriented bass.

But why am I talking about all of this? To share a little history because unlike 2014, I have since acquired a little studio equipment, and more importantly alot more production knowledge. The boom you will hear in a majority of my new album is pure and beautiful. Unlike the common techniques you hear so often, such as time stretching or pitch bending kick drum samples, there are no samples for low end here. My bass has been composed using digital FM synthesis, and has been tightly modulated. It is a purely digital signal, allowing for pure sound. As for the rest of the instrumentation, the audio levels are exactly where I want them, and although I am no studio engineer and don’t have professionally trained ears, I do have a passion for bass music and have put a good deal into my own system. I believe everything on this new album sounds just right, and I hope if you are reading this you will give it a download (or if you’re really into pure and lossless digital audio, buy the CD on Amazon.)

I have put sincere effort into these tracks. Some are thicker and composed, some are a little more simple, but all have a 100% attention to detail when it comes to the bass. Depending on what song and at what point you are listening, you will experience sub bass frequencies that range from 80hz all the way to 15hz. I wanted to keep it “me”, so there are a small multitude of subgenres here. There is some electro, techno, hiphop, a couple good ol’ fashioned slow and low DB drag style tracks, and even a pure tone sub bass woofer excursion test track that has zero music or other sounds, just bass sequences. Due to the way licensing and things work nowadays, I intentionally chose not to use any sort of vocal samples, which are one thing any old school bass CD had in abundance. Still, even with the sounds of modern hiphop or electronic music, there is nothing that pushes a system quite like a proper and genuine bass CD, and I would take the purity of digital FM synthesis against fake 808-ish trickery any day.

Before I go, I want to share one little secret (thus making it not a secret anymore, I know.) The title, artwork, and even the face of the disk itself are a small tribute to one of my most favorite groups (in either the bass or general music category) ever, Bass 305. I had their first album “Digital Bass” on cassette when I was a kid. I knew that tape front to back and it was and still is a favorite. As such, I did the entire layout for this CD with that particular album in mind. The mixer in the front cover here is a zoomed and carefully shot picture of my own mixer board, as the sloped slider shot on the back cover. All that aside, I am always myself. Not one sequence or one melody is reminiscent of any of 305’s music, I just don’t go for that. Still, this CD’s design is a heartfelt nod to one of my largest electronic music influences.

Wanna check me out? Download the full album in compressed format right completely free right here:

Or if you prefer uncompressed and purely lossless audio mastered directly from its digital source, you can by the CD on Amazon right here:

Enjoy! And love to my fellow bassheads and woofer junkies.


Almost There; New Stuff.

Posted in BitPusher2600 News on January 2, 2016 by bitpusher2600

I had to take a second here to mention my present progress on new music, both in the chiptune and ultra-low bass categories 🙂

For starters, I posted a bangin’ little new 1xLSDJ tune on CMo called “Fish Fingers & Custard” which you can check out HERE

It is another that will be on my formal CD release on Amazon which I think will now be titled “Shades Of Gray Handheld.” I still have a few more in progress yet before that gets released. As for the song above, the music itself really has nothing to do with Doctor Who, but it’s upbeat as hell and I came up with it one day because I was working on this and watching re-watching my Doctor Who collection. Up until now, Matt Smith has remained my favorite Doctor and I miss him, so the title just kind of cropped up on it’s own. What else can I say?

On the subject of ultra low bass, beautiful chest rattling boom, I have not released any of that new material online as yet but so far in the last months I have completed four songs for this future album which i’m calling “Boom Theory.” My second bass CD and i’ve learned some things since the first I did in 2014 that guarantee the sound quality of this one will be magnificent, i’m so excited. I mean no, the first one was damn good in terms of sound quality but I sometimes feel I tried too hard to approach it as a chiptuner making a bass CD as opposed to stepping back and embracing that it in fact was a much more production level seriousness than just cleaning up the audio from a vintage video game device. I don’t know how to explain myself but the point is, “Boom Theory” is going to be top notch and that is coming from me, someone who is not at all embarrassed to admit he tends to lack self confidence or awe inspiring talent of any kind. I intend this one to fit right into place alongside the collections of those who own music from Bass Mekanik, or Techmaster PEB, or any other number of genuinely viable competition worthy bass CDs. Some meticulous effort going on behind the scenes. It could definitely rock someone’s socks 🙂

Other than that, I am dealing with some personal life stuff. I am setting plans into motion to cover some bases and then i’m taking a massive plunge and moving to another state, where the majority of my family lives. I’ve definitely got an awful lot to worry about, but I have to squeeze in time and patience enough to be able to sit down, concentrate and work in small doses on my tunes. If nothing else, I guess I want to see at least one chip and one electro release for 2016 with my name on ’em. The personal satisfaction is immense.

Till later. Love and a great new year to my fellow chippers!


Minor Updates & Some Fresh Blabbing.

Posted in BitPusher2600 News on September 17, 2015 by bitpusher2600

Greets all.

I finally got around to doing something to my website and I put in some time today making changes that aren’t even that big of a deal. Other than just a couple under the hood tweaks, I have changed my width margin from 1280 to a strict 1024, this should allow my previously king-sized webpages to fit a little better into people’s monitors. I still don’t know a damn thing about mobile web page creation, and since I make no profit of any sort, I’m not paying someone to do it for me, so there just won’t be a mobile version of my site. Why would ‘I’ need one anyway haha.

Finally, my music. Between my new job, family issues, and a serious degree of laziness and procrastination, I have slacked seriously as of late. I have completed 5 of 10 LSDJ tunes with my Gameboy that have been on my site for a good minute now, and I recently completed the first track of a 2nd project, a new and better bass CD. That really hit me out of the blue too. I had come up with this basic tune in my head out of nowhere and something compelled me to stop what the hell I was doing, sit down and make that tune happen. I wish I had such driving bouts of random inspiration a hell of alot more often.

That’s pretty much it. I’m working, paying bills, and having the occasional fight with depression. Being single for the last six years and some and not by conscious choice, man that will really damage your mind. Personality is something I lack unfortunately. That’s why even though i’m not too talented of a musician, I am nonetheless the perfect chiptuner. A totally introverted nerd. Ya gotta love it.

Random chatter: did anyone else know about an IT company out there called “BitPusher LLC?” I think that’s both unnerving and awesome. There’s freaking two BitPusher’s out there, yikes. In the last, what is almost six years, I have never heard of them. Whereas i’m BitPusher2600, I tend to use BitPusher as shorthand. I now know that BitPusher LLC does the same thing, they refer to themselves as BitPusher for short. I’m glad me and them are in two totally different worlds or this discovery would’ve been devastating. I’ve had the BitPusher alias for so many years now (almost six actually) I couldn’t imagine just up and making music with a totally different name, and looking over their website made me feel funny. Hell, ever since I decided to drop the ‘2600’ from my name on the album cover for G33kMuz1k when I had put that out, I had pondered dropping it entirely since I have no future plans to do another Atari 2600 album specifically nor is the Atari my primary focus anymore. I mean i’m (arguably) working on both another bass CD and my Gameboy/LSDJ album, which obviously doesn’t involve the Atari, so I figured it would make sense to just stick with BitPusher. Now i’m not so sure i’m going to do that. That is to say I will probably not use the ‘2600’ on my future album covers, but barring that, I don’t know what i’m going to do yet. Working on updating my website just today however had me seriously thinking of changing my banners and my web address. Pondering this notion is how I discovered that this company exists. I was investigating what might be involved in changing my domain name over to until I found out it was already taken. If the idea of doing a standard web search for myself had ever occurred to me I might’ve known this sooner. It’s just weird to me that this exists. Nonetheless, it is somehow exciting at the same time. I wonder who has been pushing their respective bits longer haha. It would be my luck that these guys could somehow sue me with us having similar names, because they’re a company with LLC in their name and i’m just me, a nobody electronic musician. I wonder how long they’ve been in business, and in that time, I wonder if they’ve ever heard of me and got a laugh out of it? I’m intrigued and fascinated by all this nonetheless, I want to know all about them. Seeing my alias in such a different manner feels something like hearing someone very well known talk about a specific place you love as well, or talk about a hobby you yourself are passionate about. I guess it’s like sharing some sort of odd connection with something or someone else much bigger than you are.

But wait, there’s more! Not only did I find a big company with my name, there’s also which seems to be some minimalist website for speaker enclosure specs, there’s which is some fellow’s blog, there’s which is some web consulting agency in (you guessed it) the UK, there’s a github repository named bitpusher at, and who knows what else is out there. I had no idea my alias was ‘that’ kind of common. If any of these companies or people had that name before 2009 when the first iteration of my website went up and I had released Pixelize The System online, (or maybe I could start from 2010 when I turned that EP into a real CD via Amazon), then they have more official claim to the name than I do. That shit just tickles my brain, the poor thing. Why is this saddening to me. Probably a stupid topic to write about anyway, but it is presently on my mind. It has been that side of me that is separate from my adult working life, the nobody musician. Just strictly inside my own delusional world I love being BitPusher, i’m proud of the music I’ve made simply because I made it, similar to the notion of a small child scribbling something with a crayon and being proud of it when they give it to you. Discovering this LLC and these other things with the name BitPusher attached has made that side of me feel was just shaken, or that I might’ve lost something, but no, I haven’t and it won’t. I want to look at it as yeah, there are BitPusher’s out there, but then there’s ‘BitPusher’ the chiptuner and bass boomer, and he’s both badass and an awesome fellow. You might not believe me just now, but nope, no drugs are involved are in my blabber.

Anyway, before I go, I want to say thank you so much to the folks who have ever emailed me and downloaded my stuff. It’s definitely not often, but every great once in a while I get an email from someone who actually likes my tunes and asks questions which makes my day. Real life introvert in the extreme, online wanna-be attention whore. Figure that one out. I also find it pretty awesome when I check in on my site stats and find a nice number of downloads in a month, so I know people are checking me out. What more could an indie musician actually ask for?

See ya.
–BitPusher (the music making one) 😛

Some new Gameboy Tunes, Even If It’s Crapola.

Posted in BitPusher2600 News on April 26, 2015 by bitpusher2600

As long as it takes me to craft a tune, I’m still at it. You know, when it comes to making Gameboy tunes with LSDJ, I feel like someone who wants so badly to be a singer but just has a terrible voice and can’t carry a tune, or like someone who wants to be a programmer but just really can’t grasp writing basic code. Yep, that definitely feels like me and trackers. It blows me away that I see guys like Trey Frey ( who can craft and play sets with four frackin’ Gameboys with LSDJ while it pains me to get a sub-par, mediocre tune out of one. While I enjoy listening to that, I honestly do prefer the 1xLSDJ sound, so it should be easy enough to make myself happy right? Man, forgive me, it’s both a whine and shine moment. I’ve been struggling for a good bit now with manipulating LSDJ, but at the same time, such struggle even if my tunes are poor leaves me feeling awesome at the end when it’s done simply because I did it. I just feel ridiculous when I know that there are people who can hammer out LSDJ tunes in a matter of hours whereas I can take weeks or more trying to get something that even sounds like a basic song. All the frustration yet I’m attracted to LSDJ like a moth to flame. Maybe if a year or two go by I might become as proficient.

OK, enough with that. I want to share and ramble about a few sort of new tunes I’ve done.

“Nobody Listens To Techno”
This of all i’ve accomplished so far is wicked in my opinion, and I swear I have no idea whatsoever how it came out as it did. I went back and looked at my sav file numerous times and was like, holy shit, how did I come up with this, or how did I come up with that? I made great use of the stereo channels too. It’s an energetic tune and perhaps one i’m actually sort of proud of. I even considered sending it to DJ CUTMAN. Really not bad for 1xLSDJ.

“One Car GARAGE (For BitPusher’s Jeep)”
This tune was my attempt to craft a 1xLSDJ UK Speed Garage beat. When I was first introduced in person to mixing records live, it was by a friend who has sadly departed us named Jon Fox. I was very very into Drum ‘n Bass at that time, and he introduced me to Speed Garage, which is downright wicked music. He hooked me up with my first set of turntables, and I wish we hadn’t lost touch back when because I think he would’ve been proud for a moment that I ended up getting to do live sets myself. Anyway, Speed Garage became a favorite of my many, and it’s still a part of my personal music library to this day, so of course I think of him everytime I crank some. Anyway, onto the tune. I did alot of work on this one out in my Jeep while at break on my job, hence the “one car” part of the title. I made this to crank in my own vehicle, so the title is a lame attempt at humor. Anyway, I did the best of what i’m presently capable of with what I have.

“Sexy MF’n Binary”
( had the basic tune for this in my head for quite awhile before trying to make it. I wanted the sound to have a filthy low end groove and an outright I don’t care kind of raw pace. I actually started conceiving this back when I was working on my G33kMuz1k bass album but ended up just not doing it. It sounds like shit if listened to thru a phone or computer speaker, it really needs and relies on a stereo with a subwoofer. I used the NES BASS patch in LSDJ and I was surprised how low the low end really could get from that little Gameboy. It’s of course got that 8-bit grittyness, but I love that sound. Anyway, this tune bumps if it’s heard correctly, otherwise it’s just noisy. I didn’t even have a title in mind until I’d listened to it a few times in my Jeep after it was finished and with such a raw, filthy little groove (which is honestly how I describe it and hear it), I just kind of randomly decided it’s some sexy mutha-fuckin’ binary!

So there it is for now. I am not picking up on how to really truly utilize tables in LSDJ, there are so many tricks and techniques i’ve yet to figure out, but I suppose i’ll get there eventually. I’m at least able to do enough with them to get the sounds i’ve done thus far. It has been suggested to me that I could get some other people’s LSDJ sav’s and take them apart and work with things from that to compose a tune. I ultimately refuse to do that because while I don’t mind referencing the LSDJ patchbook for a particular sound, I don’t want to use even one bar from someone else’s tune. I have to know that I got there on my own.
Speaking of which, I haven’t been totally sure if I was going to do a full out CD release or not up until now. I’ve gone back and forth with the idea of doing a Gameboy release or just toying with LSDJ and throwing that crap onto my website only. I’ve gotten this far, I want to believe i’m improving a little, and what the hell? I’m going to sink my few bucks into it and do a CD release afterall. I still have quite a way to go as long as it takes me to turn out a tune on the ol’ Gameboy, but the album “10 Shades Of Gray Handheld” is just going to happen. Yeah, the title is meant to spoof that downright ridiculous book series and movie (honestly, while I don’t mean to outright dog anybody as a human being, I really have zero use for anyone who takes 50 shades seriously.) Theoretically, if the notion is pleasure thru pain, that’s ultimately how I see my LSDJ work.

Before I finally shut my mouth (so to speak), I want to toss up a couple of links. In the realm of awesome & chiptune, check out DJ CUTMAN right here on YOUTUBE. This young dude is a proper DJ and thoroughly understands chiptune, so trust me, his mixes tend to be sick.
Also, check out THIS VIDEO of his buddy Trey Frey performing a set with a mixer and four…. yeah FOUR mother frackin’ Gameboys running LSDJ. Seriously unbelievable. To possess that level of control and composition with LSDJ is just other worldly. I honestly have to wonder if Johan Kotlinski (the creator of LSDJ) every imagined someone would take his tracker, multiply it by four and do something like this. Geez.

OK. Just had an honest LOL moment because I write as if someone were reading this stuff. Anyway, till later.

Some Folks Remixed Me

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This was exciting bit for me.
I’ve seen folks on the forum put up a request for remixes and stuff in the past. I thought, what the hell? I actually got a couple takers. The one that surprised me is the guy I wrote about before, a long time chiptuner and well respected fellow, Yerzmyey! I was rather honored a guy so well known and so talented elected to do a remix of my shit. I was almost floored. He re-did “Digital Garbage” from my Atari 2600 based album Modus Operandi.

I also got a remix by someone I met on the same forums who goes by the name Nursey who did a sick reinterpretation of “When A Man Loves His Atari” also from Modus Operandi.

One other I have from quite some time ago was from my brother who was the lead vocalist and rapper for a really avant-garde group called Sonik Injexion and went by the name Turdlehed (and yeah, that’s how all this shit is spelled.) During that time, he did a solo record and wrote lyrics for a song called Foolish Ghoulish to the beat of my tune “8-bit Woofer Muncher II” and again, another from Modus Operandi.

So, in lieu of all this, I created a new section on the Music page of my website for remixes and for stuff that is either not yet on one of my “formal” releases, or won’t be on an album at all. Aside from the remixes, I have three of the songs I’ve composed on the Nintendo Gameboy with LSDJ uploaded and posted as well.

As I said, a kind of exciting time. When you are a musician who is essentially a nobody and unheard of and you have someone willingly do a cover or remix of YOUR stuff, it’s really a hell of a confidence boost.

So for now, there’s my rambles and news. By the way, if anyone wants to remix my stuff, it is under a Creative Commons license, so if you’re OK with that, I’d love to hear you. Send it to me and it’ll go up on the website, just try to work with some decent sound quality, that’s all I could ask.

A very honest and sincere thank you to everyone who has downloaded and listened to my tunes. Even my small numbers have been more than I would’ve even believed when I first started. Till later!


My First Couple LSDJ Tunes…Go Easy.

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I’ve been meaning to take the time to slap these into my blog but damned if i’m not a tad lazy 🙂

OK, so I have to say first of all that LSDJ is so painfully complicated to learn that I sometimes want to pull my hair out…assuming I had any. Making music in a “tracker” is a totally new thing to me, and generally anything involving numbers means i’m automatically doomed. All that aside, I can’t help myself, I love it, and namely because I have some love for the Gameboy itself. There’s worlds of capability in LSDJ and sadly, I’m not even sure how to really go about learning other than just doing. Watching YouTube videos or reading people’s writeups are just copycatting to me and not teaching very much of the “how”. Still, it is something i’m determined to do, even if it takes me a year or two to really be able to rock that puppy. I am part of the community so I talk to people and share my pitiful beginnings there. At least there are folks there who are willing to help with answers to questions and so on. So without further adieu:


Literally the first tune I completed. A basic hiphop beat I crafted, and utilized a few table commands for certain breaks or sound effects. What is essentially a simple tune seems so damn complicated to me after what I went thru to get it made in LSDJ.


This one I was playing with the built in drum kits. I’ve gathered from the old web here that alot of chiptuners don’t care for the built in drum kits. As for me, I like them, I mean damn man, they’re being produced from the sound chip of a Gameboy. Anyway, this is a mellow tune and while it’s probably not recognizable to anyone else but me, the style I went for in this one is heavily influenced by Kraftwerk, and anybody who knows me knows how much I love them. Without duplicating a single riff, I essentially blended my own takes of elements from “Musique Non-Stop” (the live one from Minimum Maximum), “Europe Endless”, and “Trans Europe Express.” Believe me, I’m jealous of the 8bit Operators, because if I had a ton more skill and creativity vis a vis LSDJ, I would love to be able to do a few Kraftwerk covers on the DMG01. But to stop rambling here, as stated the tune is surely mellow, and maybe even slightly dark. I had some fun making it and while anyone else would think it’s probably lame, simple, or possibly messy, I love the way it came out, hence the title.

At the time being, i’m sticking to 1xLSDJ and using the real thing, doing very minimal alterations in Audacity (like cleaning up certain pops or clicks I don’t want, very minimal EQ’ing, what have you.) The one and only thing I will say with any confidence is that this is what it’s all about. Enjoying from within the creation, the sounds, the process and it’s end. I felt so awesome to see my first completed tune, let alone my second. I’m still intimidated as hell by trackers though 🙂

Till Later!

Status Update, Me & LSDJ, So On & So On.

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Hello all.

Firstly, I got an email two days ago from now that Amazon has gotten things together and I can order my proofing copy of G33kMuz1k & The Love Of The BASS CD. The fully lossless beauty will be available in a matter of days now. Lol, no. I don’t expect it to sell much, but it’s exciting to see something you conceptualized become real and in your hand. Awesome.

Next, i spent some time today updating my website a little bit, and i’ve added a Links page. As much stuff as I could come up with to put on there, I decided to scale it back a bit and go for some relevant stuff instead. Chiptune and fellow chiptuners. I would expect that anybody who has ever discovered my music already knows well the existence of things like LSDJ and Nanoloop, but i’m so proud to be a part of the culture that uses these things, and what do I have to lose putting some links up anyway? As for the other artists I’ve put up, go check ’em out. They wouldn’t be mentioned on my website if I didn’t see something a bit outstanding going on for some reason or another.

OH! Having mentioned LSDJ brings me to another piece of “me” news. As I wrote before, the bass CD I recently completed was an attempt for me to step outside of purely chiptuning and into a more broad range of electronica. I know i’m not particularly talented and i’m definitely not knowledgeable on things like music theory, studio production and engineering, etc. Still, I wanted to try to fulfill that small pipe dream BUT to be clear, I want very much to consider myself a chiptuner because I love chip music and have put genuine chip music out into the world thanks to the Atari 2600 and a bit of curiosity. It was the first console I ever had as a young kiddo and my affinity for it is everlasting. Back to the point, when I wrote about moving beyond chiptune, I didn’t mean permanently, I meant for that particular project. The definition of “chiptune” that I have with regards to music is music that is produced entirely from a piece (or pieces) of vintage hardware. This is different than simply using chip sounds as part of a piece, such as I did in G33kMuz1k. This is why I make it clear that that album is not a chiptune release. That said, i’m attempting to expand my repertoire and tackling something I have shyed away from for years: LSDJ and the Gameboy. I have always been immediately intimidated by that software, and trackers in general. It’s extremely complex looking business and not something I would be able to pick right up on. At any rate, I don’t know why exactly but I got a fire under my ass recently to really make the effort. I guess for the moment I will blame it on how very much I love Kraftwerk and the awesomeness of the 8Bit Operators cover collection. I admire Ralf Hutter so much, and understand his concept of Minimum-Maximum. I guess I want to take myself a bit further and be even more a part of the chiptune music culture than I am now, whether I’m relevant to anyone else or not, it’s all for my mind to digest and as long as my heart is in it, I’m doing something right, even if everyone else thinks my tunes suck. Anyway, while I’m not far off on feeling LSDJ is a bit beyond me, I find i’m picking things up as I go and have met some decent people at who are super helpful. I’m nowhere near ready to make a full out tune, but I’ve managed to put together my first beat with a badass little kickdrum, a snare and hi-hat. I also by dumb luck figured out what “tables” are for, maybe not how to fully utilize them but still. Someone on the chip music forum (an awesome chiptuner by the name of Ninten Kwon Do) when I had mentioned my discovery during a conversation told me what I managed to figure out on my own was exactly right, called me intuitive and said I could become an LSDJ wizard in no time. Man, honest praise and compliments like that really make me feel decent. I can confess that confidence (in any aspect of life) is not exactly a strong suit for me, but I almost want to believe just because in the week or so I’ve ignored the bird’s eye full on view of LSDJ and took things one bit at a time, I see myself having progressed much further than I would’ve believed prior. LSDJ is not something anybody can just pick up and immediately start rocking. It is definitely complicated and has a steep learning curve, hell I certainly have a long way to go, but man what a rewarding experience simply accomplishing something with it.

Sorry for the rambling, I guess I just can’t help it. So, as for the moment I don’t have any new material on the immediate horizon. I do want to try to do another chip sound and electronica bass CD, and at some point I hope to see a Gameboy EP entirely from LSDJ and my Advance SP as well. It would really be a long haul project for me if I were to somehow use both the Gameboy AND the Atari 2600 together. The Gameboy is entirely self contained a la LSDJ, and using the 2600 requires alot patience and time in Audacity. Don’t know if I’ll try for that particular project or not, but anyway. For now, this is me and what I’ve got going on over here. Chiptune is a labour of love. Keep it alive and well folks.


The New Release & The New CD!

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I have to first nod my head and apologize to, well nobody technically, for my laziness. I haven’t taken the time to update my rinky dink blog since I rebooted my website, and so without further adieu: a status update.

My new album was completed in November, and by golly it’s already had more downloads than I would’ve possibly guessed. I didn’t think anyone really knew who I was. Apparently they’re not Twitter users because i’ve seen no new adds there, but what of it. Thank you so much, whoever you are, and I hope you’re digging it.

Yes sir, the new album is entitled “G33kMuz1k & The Love Of The Bass CD.” This release is explained in better detail on my site, but suffice it to say, it has been a bit of a pipe dream for me since I was rather young. I have always enjoyed tuner music, electronic bass tapes and CDs. I wasn’t anywhere near old enough to even think about driving cars when I picked up on this music, which is stuff that I think a majority of people were buying just to test how much of a beating their systems could take. I personally have never known anybody who listens to bass CDs for the enjoyment of the electronic music therein, as well as the boom. I hear wicked low bass as an instrument, it’s as crucial and central to electronic bass music as is the electric guitar to heavy metal. Having listened to that stuff for so long, there’s several producers and DJs from that world that I grew up loving and admiring. There are just tons of CDs I own, some I had on cassette, that I know second for second, and so to create my own, to even pretend for just a moment I’m among the ranks of these folks and could produce something that could genuinely shake up someone’s system, it excites the hell out of me.

I did what I could do. I don’t have a studio full of high end equipment, and I never considered myself talented and amazing. I’m just doing something I love with what I have. In this, enter Nanoloop, the most important piece of software in my arsenal. Visit and check out my man Oliver Wittchow, who developed the software for iOS and Android. I am using it on iOS via iPad (sorry, no iPhones here because i’m an obsessive Windows Phone man.) Nanoloop was originally designed (and is legendary) for GameBoy chiptuning. Look how wildly far it has advanced since then. Anyway, between Nanoloop, Audacity, and a few other pieces of software, I have the synths, drum machines, and assorted tools I need to put something together, fully digital and clean and something much more involved than simply producing console only chiptunes. With an obsession and passion for big speakers and chest rattling boom since childhood combined with my infinite love of electronic music, I hereby give you my first genuine Bass CD, and man it feels awesome to be able to say I made one. What might be terribly unimpressive to anyone else is awesome to me, and 100% purely authentic from my own hand, second by second. Love it. And by the way, as always it’s free! I used some respectable quality settings for my MP3 and OGG Vorbis encoding, so enjoy.

As for the CD release, Amazon has taken their time to say the least. As it turns out, there was some error on their end and my audio sat on their servers for almost two months. A phone call later, it was reset and being handled. Just like the other two CDs I’ve done, the audio here is straight from my digital masters, completely lossless and pure. Any genuine basshead can tell you that lossy codecs (even one’s with such magnificent quality as Ogg Vorbis) tend to throw away certain elements of a song, generally fidelity is damaged and some frequencies are removed, so while the downloads of my new album i’ve put up on my homesite have plenty of boom, the lowest frequencies can only be played back from the actual CD. The latter half of my bass test track for example dips below 25hz, and those who like abusing their subs a little bit would be able to fully enjoy that kind of thing with the actual CD release, so if you feel like blowing a few bucks to see if something can blow the subs you might’ve paid big bucks for, go get it 🙂
The disc should be available within 2 weeks of this post, keep an eye on the SHOP page at if that at all interests you, otherwise, enjoy the downloads!

I would like to occasionally hop onto my blog and just share some opinions on thoughts about music in general, not just ME, so whether or not anyone reads it is not the point. I should do it because I want to and it’s within my means. So note to self, write something once in a while.

Anyway, thanks for your time whoever you are and thanks for helping me push bits!